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Our Coaches

Thank you to our 2020 coaches who have been successful in applying for the following teams:

  • Cali Dance: Amanda Mendham
  • Tinies: Sarah Chalmers / Toni Trussler / Amanda Mendham
  • Sub-Juniors: Sarah Chalmers / Jenn Hill / Tori Anderson
  • Juniors: Jess Reilly / Hayley Dowse
  • Intermediates: Jess Reilly / Maddy Brockbank
  • Seniors: Jess Reilly
  • Masters: Hayley Dowse / Taylor Kitchen

Sarah Chalmers – Principal Coach

I started my calisthenics career as a 5 year old Tinie in Canberra at Joyelle Calisthenics Club. I was with Joyelle for a period of 12 years. In that time I competed in all age groups and at the age of 15 I started to cadet. My first role as a Cadet was with the ACT Junior Rep Team, under the guidance of head coach Michelle Horton. At the end of that year my family moved to Queensland . We had no idea there were clubs up here so I had a break of approximately 7 years, and in that time got married and had two children. When my oldest child Jess turned 3 we found Gold Coast Calisthenics and enrolled her there. I became involved as a volunteer parent and ended up taking some classes and my passion for coaching and calisthenics returned. I became a fully qualified Level 1 coach in 1996 and started up Helensvale Calisthenics Club and since then have not looked back. I have coached all age groups from Rec Tinies through to Masters and have competed as a Senior and am now in the HCDA Masters Team. Fortunately I have a very supportive husband, who understands that he is not only married to me but to Calisthenics as well. My two girls are fully involved. They have both done calisthenics since the age of 3 and I hope one day will take over this empire I have built and continue on my dream.

In the past few years I have fully qualified as an Adjudicator and an Examiner and look forward to this next phase in this wonderful sport of ours.

Favourite Calo Memory: Winning the first ever Qld State Masters Competition, the look on the faces of some of the most beautiful women in the world was priceless.  Reaching my dream of becoming an adjudicator and an Examiner and taking a team of dancers to perform at Disney in the USA.

Jessica Reilly – Principal Choreographer

I have been involved in Calisthenics since the age of 3. I started with Gold Coast Calisthenics club then joined Helensvale Calisthenics Club when my mother, Sarah Chalmers opened the club in 1996. I have competed with Helensvale Calisthenics Club for the past 20 years in Team and as a soloist. I have also had the honour of representing Queensland 4 times in Team and 6 times as a graceful soloist.

I began class assisting with Helensvale at the age of 10, gained my level 1 coaching accreditation at age 18 and have been coaching now since 2009. Since becoming a coach, I have found so much joy in working with children to help them achieve their goals. I hope to continue coaching for many years to come.

I have just recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts Majoring in Dance and a Diploma in Education. During my studies, I was elected to travel to Timor Leste to work with the children in AHHA schools, teaching them English through movement. This experience challenged my experience of dance and opened my eyes up to the beauty that is movement. Upon returning from this trip I developed a series of movement based activities for primary age students, which was selected and published within the Queensland Ballet’s 2017 teach resource kits.

My life revolves around dance and allowing each individual to gain confidence within themselves as they strive to be their best. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing students grow and develop and most importantly seeing friendships flourish and our family grow day by day.

#HCDAfamily #HCDArepresent

Favourite Cali Item: Clubs

Emma Jane Chalmers

I started calisthenics when I was 3 at Gold Coast Calisthenics. My mum then opened up her own club and I have been doing Calisthenics now for 19 years. I have been in 4 Qld State Teams and represented Qld in my Graceful and Solo, placing 5th in the open division in my solo in 2007, the first time a Queenslander has every broken through to the open section.

I attained my Level 1 coaching qualifications in 2011 and have was put into coaching the Junior team at the club.

I have recently become the mother of two little boys Cooper who is 4 years old and Archie who is 2 years old. I have enjoyed coming back into calisthenics, not only as a competitor but a coach, and love working with all the Helensvale pupils.

Cassia Rosenstraus-Krojs

I started Calisthenics when I was 5 years old and haven’t looked back. Myself and my family have been involved in all areas of Calisthenics over the last 23 years from performing to making costumes, management, coaching and being part of committees. I have competed as a solo, as part of a team at club level, represented 2 states and have also completed all of my numbered Calisthenics skills levels.

I believe Calisthenics helped to make me the confident and positive person I am today and that is why I am passionate about passing on and sharing in this amazing sport with new and experienced children. I began my coaching career when I was 10 years old as a cadet and committed myself every year after, to realising my dream of becoming a level one coach. I have coached Tinies, Sub-Juniors, Juniors and Seniors at club level ever since receiving my Level One Coaching certificate in 2001. In 2005 I was lucky enough to have the honour of coaching the Junior State team. I have also coached solo’s and Calisthenic skills classes. I love Calisthenics and have been lucky enough to make Helensvale Calisthenics Club my home and so I look forward to it being a part of my life for many more years to come!

Favourite Calo Memory: I think my favourite calo memories are from every time I went away with a team to camp or inter state to compete and the shenanagins we would get up to! And definently being in Helensvale Seniors in Sarah’s hotel room after comps reading crits…So funny!!!

Favourite Item: I love to coach and be a part of fancy items and Aesthetics, but my favourite item I have coached so far would have to be my little mermaid aesthetics from Helensvale Subbies 2010! Love those tails!!!

Toni Trussler

I began my calisthenics journey as a 2 year old at Avonde Calisthenics College in Victoria, where I completed my cadetship as a 15 year old and competed at Championship level for 20 years. There, I competed in Graceful solos until I was a Senior and represented Victoria as a Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Graceful soloist.

My mum was an accredited coach and calisthenics has been a part of my life since I can remember. Some of my best friends now are from calisthenics and it certainly is a special bond.

After moving to the Gold Coast a few years ago, I had a daughter of my own in 2013 and it was this that made me want to rekindle my love of the sport.

I researched Calisthenics in QLD and gained my Level 1 accreditation while at Helensvale last year.

I love the friendship, dedication and workmanship that Calisthenics gives to young girls and boys and seeing them work hard towards something they can be proud of together gives me such joy and fulfilment.

Amanda Mendham

I started calisthenics when I was 7 years old as a Sub-Junior with Hervey Bay/Fraser Coast Calisthenics Club. I continued there until I was 18, assisting with younger age groups from 13.

I obtained my Level 1 Coaching Accreditation in 2001 and in 2003 I moved to Brisbane and began coaching/assisting with Helensvale Calisthenics.

I have been honoured to compete in 2 State Teams and several solo and duos. I have 3 young children so I have had a few years off coaching and competing here and there. I am now looking forward to becoming more involved in this fantastic sport once again. It provides its participants with so many lifelong benefits and opportunities.

Favourite items: Rods and Clubs.

Caitlin Warden

I fell in love with calisthenics when I began as as a 4-year-old recreational tinie, at what was then called Helensvale Calisthenics Club. Since then I have competed in all age groups up to seniors, representing the club in both team and solo competitions.

At the age of 12, I became a cadet, and assisted with tinies and sub-juniors. I then became an accredited level 1 coach at 18, and have since coached sub-junior and junior teams and graceful solo’s.

My involvement with calisthenics both as a competitor and a coach has been, and still is, a big part of my life. My involvement with assisting and coaching made me realise how much I love working with children. I have since completed a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Primary Education.

Favourite Memory: going to Ballarat as an inter, I loved competing in a beautiful theatre and spending time with my teammates

Favourite Item: Clubs