Frequently Asked Questions

What is calisthenics?

Calisthenics is an artistic sport unique to Australia, and is a great alternative to dancing. Calisthenics offers routines choreographed to music and performed on stage in costumes. These can incorporate modern dance, singing, acting, exercises with and without apparatus, marching, simplified ballet, and modified gymnastic movements. Calisthenics truly has something for everyone!

When are classes?

Classes are held once a week for each age group. Please see our classes page for details.

What about during school holidays?

Classes for Competition groups run during most school holidays except Easter break and normally second week of July holidays due to Nationals. Cali Dance classes DO NOT run during school holidays.

Where and when are competitions held?

Team Competitions are held between August and September each year. Some competitions are held here on the Gold Coast, however the other venues we may need to travel too are Redcliffe, Sunshine Coast and Maryborough . We enter 3 comps a year, and you are notified of these dates at the beginning of the year.

Will I have to make costumes?

At Helensvale we do our best to allow parents the opportunity to drop and go, and not have to sew.  We get all costumes made by the one person and occasionally ask for them to be sequinned. However, if you are a sewer and enjoy the chance to make a costume, then please let it be known when you enrol. We appreciate any help families are able to offer, whether it be making costumes, props, transporting things (and girls!) to competitions, etc, and encourage all families to contribute what they can.

What should I/my child wear to class?

Black leotards should be worn at all times. In cold weather girls are welcome  to wear footless or stirrup tights (to prevent slipping over) and crossovers. It’s important that practice clothes are tight-fitting so that coaches can easily see the girls’ body movements and ensure they are being performed correctly and without risk of injury.

What make-up will my daughter have to wear?

For competitions and concerts, girls wear foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner. This can vary between age groups, as can the colours needed. Inters, Seniors and Masters also wear false eyelashes.

What qualifications do the coaches have?

All our coaches are Level 1 qualified, hold First Aid Certificates and Working With Children Checks.

What do the fees cover? What other costs are there?

Fees cover classes (including additional classes) and costume hire for the year. There is an additional annual CAQI registration fee each year.