Calisthenic Skills Exams

Calisthenic Skills Exams

Each year CAQI (Calisthenics Association of Queensland) hold Calisthenic Skills exams which are similar to ballet exams. 

Calisthenic skills are an examination system set by the Australian Calisthenics Federation (ACF). Students are required to learn set routines using correct technique and knowledge of the terminology used within the Calisthenics syllabus. Pupil skills are beneficial to all pupils, as the aim is to improve overall Calisthenics technique. These are fantastic for the girls to do, as they hone in on the technique and discipline of our sport.

Pupil skills are also a prerequisite to be eligible to compete in Calisthenic Solo and Duo competitions and to enrol onto the cadet-teaching training course.

To register for the 2021 Calisthenic Skills Exams, please CLICK HERE

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