Our Coaches

Congratulations to our 2021 coaches who have been successful in applying for the following teams:

Tinies: Toni Trussler / Amanda Mendham 

Sub-Juniors: Cassia Rosenstraus-Krojs / Jenn Hill 

 Juniors: Hayley Dowse / Molly Hassall

Intermediates: Jess Reilly / Maddy Brockbank 

Seniors: Jess Reilly / Toni Trussler 

Masters: Erin Stewart

Meet our Coaches

Sarah Chalmers – Principal Coach

I started my calisthenics career as a 5 year old Tinie in Canberra at Joyelle Calisthenics Club. I was with Joyelle for a period of 12 years. In that time I competed in age groups up to Intermediates and at the age of 15 I started to cadet. My first role as a Cadet was with the ACT Junior Rep Team, under the guidance of head coach Michelle Horton. At the end of that year my family moved to Queensland . We had no idea there were clubs up here so I had a break of approximately 7 years, and in that time got married and had two children. When my oldest child Jess turned 3 we found Gold Coast Calisthenics and enrolled her there. I became involved as a volunteer parent and ended up taking some classes and my passion for coaching and calisthenics returned. I became a fully qualified Level 1 coach in 1996 and started up Helensvale Calisthenics Club and since then have not looked back. I have coached all age groups from Rec Tinies through to Masters and have competed as a Senior and a Master. Fortunately I have a very supportive husband, who understands that he is not only married to me but to Calisthenics as well. My two girls are fully involved. They have both done calisthenics since the age of 3 and I hope one day will take over this empire I have built and continue on my dream.

In the past few years I have become a fully qualified  Adjudicator and an Examiner to Test 3 and look forward to this next phase in this wonderful sport of ours.

Favourite Cali Memory: Winning the first ever Qld State Masters Competition, the look on the faces of some of the most beautiful women in the world was priceless.
My goal of becoming an Adjudicator and an Examiner also takes pride of place in my favourite memories and just recently taking a team of dancers to perform at Disney in the USA, has been one of the best highlights.  In 2019, I made history in Queensland by taking out the Tinies Qld State Titles 10 years in a row, something I will always be very proud of.

Favourite Cali Item: Free Exercise and Aesthetics

Jessica Reilly - Assistant Principal Coach

I have been involved in Calisthenics since the age of 3. I started with Gold Coast Calisthenics club then joined Helensvale Calisthenics Club when my mother, Sarah Chalmers opened the club in 1996. I have competed with Helensvale Calisthenics Club for the past 20 years in Team and as a soloist. I have also had the honour of representing Queensland 4 times in Team and 6 times as a graceful soloist.

I began class assisting with Helensvale at the age of 10, gained my level 1 coaching accreditation at age 18 and have been coaching now since 2009. Since becoming a coach, I have found so much joy in working with children to help them achieve their goals. I hope to continue coaching for many years to come.

I have just recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts Majoring in Dance and a Diploma in Education. During my studies, I was elected to travel to Timor Leste to work with the children in AHHA schools, teaching them English through movement. This experience challenged my experience of dance and opened my eyes up to the beauty that is movement. Upon returning from this trip I developed a series of movement based activities for primary age students, which was selected and published within the Queensland Ballet’s 2017 teach resource kits.

My life revolves around dance and allowing each individual to gain confidence within themselves as they strive to be their best. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing students grow and develop and most importantly seeing friendships flourish and our family grow day by day.

#HCDAfamily #HCDArepresent

Favourite Cali Item: Clubs

Cassia Rosenstraus-Krojs

I walked into my first calisthenics class at 5 years old and was hooked! My family and I have now been involved for over 30 years competing in teams, as a soloist, costuming, management and my favourite thing to do, coaching. I have been lucky enough as a participant to represent two states at national level 10 times, as a member of the ACT and QLD state teams, as a soloist and coaching the 2005 junior state team. I have coached 7 QLD state champion teams but more importantly, I love to bring out the champion within each of my students. 

My proudest accomplishment has been becoming a level one coach so I could share my passion for calisthenics, give back to the sport, be a leader within our community and be a part of the growth and development of students. I started as a class assistant at the age of 10 and received my level one at 18 and have now been coaching for 19 fun filled years. During this time, I have become heavily involved in cadet and coach education at club and state level. I am very proud to be the Cadet Coordinator for HCDA and a long-time presenter for CAQI cadet and level one programs. Being invited to speak, present and run workshops at ACF and SA coach conferences has also been a highlight of my coaching career. 

Coaching in all the different aspects of calisthenics is such a joy for me and I find my Bachelor of Arts in Applied Theatre and Diploma of Education assist me greatly in my ongoing pursuit to coach every pupil I meet to a high standard of excellence. My coaching philosophy is all about learning through fun while creating a safe and stimulating class environment. I thoroughly enjoy my time with my HCDA family where I am always supported and encouraged and have created lifelong friendships. I look forward to welcoming new members every year and watching our family grow and thrive!

Favourite Item: I love the fancy items because I get to dip into my dramatic skill set and tell stories in fun creative ways and the students get to play characters and have even more fun with their cali skills.

Toni Trussler

I began my calisthenics journey as a 2 year old at Avonde Calisthenics College in Victoria, where I completed my cadetship as a 15 year old and competed at Championship level for 20 years. There, I competed in Graceful solos until I was a Senior and represented Victoria as a Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Graceful soloist.

My mum was an accredited coach and calisthenics has been a part of my life since I can remember. Some of my best friends now are from calisthenics and it certainly is a special bond.

After moving to the Gold Coast a few years ago, I had a daughter of my own in 2013 and it was this that made me want to rekindle my love of the sport.

I researched Calisthenics in QLD and gained my Level 1 accreditation while at Helensvale last year.

I love the friendship, dedication and workmanship that Calisthenics gives to young girls and boys and seeing them work hard towards something they can be proud of together gives me such joy and fulfilment.

Hayley Dowse

I started Calisthenics when I was 3 at Action Calisthenics in Canberra. In 2013 my family and I moved to Queensland and I became apart of Helensvale. I’ve been doing calisthenics for 17 years. I have done many Solo and Graceful’s over the years and have been part of 2 State teams, one representing ACT and one representing QLD. 

I received my Level 1 Coaches Accreditation in 2019 and was lucky enough to coach Subbies and Masters during my first year.

In 2019 I had the opportunity to go to the USA and perform with the USA team, performing in Disneyland and other tourist places. 

I love the friendships and memories that Cali brings to each and every girl in the club, its like having a big family. 

Favourite Cali Items: Rods and March. 

Amanda Mendham

I started calisthenics when I was 7 years old as a Sub-Junior with Hervey Bay/Fraser Coast Calisthenics Club. I continued there until I was 18, assisting with younger age groups from 13.

I obtained my Level 1 Coaching Accreditation in 2001 and in 2003 I moved to Brisbane and began coaching/assisting with Helensvale Calisthenics.

I have been honoured to compete in 2 State Teams and several solo and duos. I have 3 young children so I have had a few years off coaching and competing here and there. I am now looking forward to becoming more involved in this fantastic sport once again. It provides its participants with so many lifelong benefits and opportunities.

Favourite Cali Items: Rods and Clubs.

Jenn Hill

I started calisthenics when I was 6 years old in the ACT. I joined with my two older sisters at a club called Ashley Calisthenics and then when it closed, I moved to Brindabella Calisthenics College. At Brindabella, I competed in teams, solos, gracefuls and represented ACT at Nationals. My favourite year of Nationals was when it was held on the Gold Coast and we had our presentation night at Sea World. I became a cadet and Level 1 coash whilst at Brindabella and enjoyed coaching the younger age groups from Tinies to Juniors.

At 21, I moved to the Gold Coast where I was recommended to contact Sarah at an amazing club! I joined the HCDA family and made gorgeous new life ling friends! I've been involved in most of the age groups over the years but did have some time off when I moved to WA and when I had my 2 daughters.

I love the diversity that Calisthenics offers, the confidence the kids learn and can use in their everyday life, the friendships and the creativity of all the routines! It's a fabulous sport that I love being involved with, especially now that I am getting to see it all again through my eldes daughters eyes!!

Maddy Brockbank

I started at Helensvale Calisthenics Club in 1996 at the age of 4 and competed in both team and solo competitions until 2013.  

I was fortunate enough to be part of the Queensland Inter (2007) & Senior (2009) state team and also competed at nationals as a graceful soloist 3 times & once in a duo. 

I did many years of cadeting with the younger age groups and completed my Level 1in 2021.

 After having 5 years off calisthenics, my passion and love for the sport has come back stronger then ever & I find coaching so rewarding!

Favourite Cali Item: Aesthetics, I love being able to portray a story through the feeling & emotion.


Erin Stewart

I started Calisthenics when I was 6 years old in Melbourne, Victoria.  I have been involved in Calisthenics for 26 years on and off and have competed with several Clubs in Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast.  Growing up with the sport I had the opportunity to compete as a Soloist and in Team competitions along the Eastern Seaboard.   

Calisthenics is a great sport for improving confidence and building strong team work ethics.  It’s a sport that creates life-long friends and was the catalyst for me to push myself harder to try and exceed my personal best and become a stronger version of myself.  

As I have always been on the stage I felt it time to take the plunge and become a Level 1 Coach, attaining that in 2020 so that I can become an advocate of Calisthenics and help other girls and boys find their love for the sport. 

Favourite Item: My favourite item is Clubs because of the level of skill involved to make it look beautiful as a team. The requirement to work together as one is paramount and, when executed properly is the most mesmerising item.


Molly Hassall

I started calisthenics as a 4 year old at Eltham Calisthenics College in Victora and started helping out the Tinies when I was 13. I then stayed with the tinies for 8 years and in that time, I completed my level 1 accreditation. 

In 2014, I moved to Ballarat and joined Sovereign Calisthenics College where I competed as a senior and assisted the Subbies and Juniors. I then coached the Pentland Calisthenics College Subbies and assisted their Seniors team. I returned to Melbourne and Eltham for my 20th year of calisthenics for one more year in the Seniors team before taking a year off calisthenics. In 2020, I started at Mernda Calisthenics co-coaching the subbies and now I am moving to the Gold Coast in 2021 where I am excited to be joining Helensvale!

During my time coaching, I have also coached pupil skills and both recreational and competitive solos. I have coaches and competed in divisions from Championship reserve to Division 10 in Victoria and have learnt so much from all teams and all the coaches I have had and worked with. 

I love the friendships and like skills that calisthenics brings to everyone involves.

Favourite Cali Item: March & Rods.